Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jeeze, Here I am again.

So here I am...crap...another blog. This is only like my fiftieth and I so have no idea why I am doing this. Except maybe I just need some constructive way to get my brain farts out. I mean, like the fifty times one is actually going to read this thing. And eventually, I will get bored and desert it like I did all the others. But, wth. It's not like I have SO many other things to do. So I guess I can use this thing as a vent. I can complain about the things that happen in my addiction playground...SmallWorlds which BTW if anyone should end up reading this an AWESOME if sometimes frustrating place. It's like a chatroom, but so much more. So much better. But for right now you'll have to Google it cause I don't want to talk about it. Right now I got this on my mind....and so for my first entry, and just to prove that I am in fact insane...I give you "The Top Ten Things To Do Whilst Waiting At The Bus Stop"

Note that I came up with this list while waiting for the bus to take me to the shrink. LOL

The Top Ten Things To Do To Whilst Waiting At The Bus Stop

10. Intensely study the pattern of the veins on the top of your hand and say "Wow, intense." and then ask the person standing next to you if they want to see.

9. Bring a phone book and read it out loud for the listening pleasure of the others waiting with you.

8. Look at the clouds and try to find the faces of former speakers of the house in them.

7. Put your hand over your heart and recite the pledge of Allegiance out loud over and over again...once again for the listening pleasure of those waiting with you.

6. Play "Guess which medications I am on" with others who are waiting.

5. Imagine you are about to be thrust into a real life version of the movie "Speed" and try to guess which fellow passenger to be would fill each roll. (You of course would be the cool Sandra Bullock!)

4. Hum "I've got a lovely bunch of Coconuts" over and over again and try to figure out which person you are annoying the most.

3. Call Pizza Hut and order a Pizza and ask if they can track down the bus if the bus comes before they do.

2. Call the bus company every three minutes and ask why the bus isn't there yet.

1. Talk to yourself and turn it into an argument and see if you can coax your future fellow riders to take sides.

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